Medical promising enterprises to invest 50 million American markets

Optimistic about Shanghai Medical beauty market opportunities, initiated by artist Luo Pei Ying, An Act Group and other Taiwanese investment 50 million yuan, Yan Chi medical aesthetic center opened in Shanghai, inauguration ceremony was held yesterday, is expected to 1,2 months after commissioning business, future will provide include: plastic surgery or non-surgical classes, health screening, dentistry, anti-aging, cosmetic medicine and other service projects.

Yesterday’s invitation to the inauguration of the many guests attended, former legislator Chiu Yi, former Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Jung taste, TV political talk shows Oprah Chou Yu, who are specially flew to Shanghai to join. Luo Pei Ying also special presentations CEO Yan Chi Mei Medical Center 刘卫荣, renowned beauty expert Li Jiuheng doctors, other medical qigong master Rui Lions team.

Luo Pei Ying said that the future of Taiwan is not only physician groups, will be invited to South Korea, the United States, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and other world-class team of experts to join.

The Chi Mei Yan Medical Center is located in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai’s most popular building, clinic area of ​​1400 square meters, the Security Law Group and other Taiwanese joint investment 50 million yuan to build high-standard medical cosmetic environment, subvert the general health beauty clinic stereotypes and services. Although the charge is higher than the price on Taiwan, but in Shanghai Medical beauty clinics belonging to the same class reasonable price. General health check, for example, about 6000 yuan. Yan Chi Mei Medical Center services include: micro-surgery, dentistry, facial plastic surgery, body shaping, other plastic, private place-shaping, anti-aging, genetic testing, health screening, cosmetic medicine and other items.

Luo Pei Ying said that Shanghai’s air quality is not good, food not safe, so it is important detoxification regimen, she was very optimistic about this market pie, future customers do not have to fly to Taiwan, Shanghai can provide the best service and products.

She also joked: “Modern technology is very advanced plastic surgery, he is Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, many places are false; but future service she provided is true!"


United Daily News ╱ correspondent Hu Mingyang / Shanghai report]

2012.06.06 04:50 am

First Taiwan-owned Wo new hospital opened on the 26th

Optimistic about business opportunities in mainland China Medical Biotechnology, Shanghai rushing into Taiwan, the two sides signed the ECFA, the first approved the establishment of a Taiwan-funded hospitals Shanghai Wo new hospital is scheduled to open on the 26th, the hospital estimates that revenue is expected to challenge the coming year RMB80 million (approximately NT $ 400 million yuan). Changhua Taiwan show pass and Min-Sheng Hospital industry also intends to build a hospital in Shanghai.

Taiwan-funded hospitals had only to joint venture operations, and limited only opened in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong Province and Hainan Province and other places, after the two sides signed the ECFA, the mainland for the first time last January Taiwanese hospitals owned and not open the first one got owned by these locations after the hospital’s license restrictions, Shanghai Taiwanese keen sense of smell, Wo delivery lead the new hospital, becoming ECFA.



United Daily News ╱ correspondent Lin Maoren / Shanghai report]

2012.06.05 02:53 am

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