Introduction of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Introduction


Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be traced back 80 years ago, the predecessor of Guangdong Medical College. In 1924, to save the Chinese treasures in distress, predecessors to overcome the difficulties, after painstaking efforts to create the school, and to develop the 21th about 900 students, including Liang Han Fen,

Liu Chi-elect and other masters and masters Liu Shichang, Tietao other well-known scholar of Chinese medicine. 1956 Guangzhou Medical College was formally established directly under the Ministry of Health, is one of the earliest Chinese medicine universities established five. 1995 renamed “Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine," is the first institution of higher learning Chinese medicine has the right to grant doctoral and master’s. Rich teaching resources and outstanding research level, so that schools in the pharmaceutical industry enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.
After 50 years of vigorous development, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become has 13 colleges, 16 undergraduate majors, covering the medical, engineering, management, science, economics, culture, education and other fields, has 4 national key disciplines (medicine doctorate in the sciences, clinical medicine based on scientific Orthopedics, Chinese Gynecology) and the right to grant the three disciplines of the modern Chinese medicine research universities. In the past glorious historical heritage based on the school to keep her own style and charm, but also to promote rigorous academic research to ensure that the reputation in the academic and education abroad. In addition to many cultures respected and distinguished scholar and a great doctor memorial. The school has more than 18,000 students, including more than 12,000 of the more than 2,400 college students and master’s and doctoral students.

In addition, the school has trained from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and more than 100 countries and regions, more than 1,000 overseas Chinese medicine professionals. Currently, the school has established partnerships with more than 50 countries and regions in the world, with foreign universities signed a cooperation agreement. China National Chinese Medicine Examination Center, China International Acupuncture exam center in Guangzhou test center in Guangzhou, China International Medical Training Center is also located in my school, so the school also offer traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture training to become the world’s countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions culture an important base for pharmaceutical professionals.

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