About Guangzhou Jinan University School of Law

About Jinan University School of Law

Jinan University School of Law was founded in Shanghai in 1930, then with the Faculty of Law, Department of Economics, diplomatic and administrative law specialist subject groups. Forties famous jurist Zhou Nan served as president. JNU School of Law in 1949 with the merger of Fudan University, in 2001 rebuilt in Guangzhou.

College of Law Department has jurisdiction, Internet and e-commerce law lab, judicial empirical research laboratory, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Legal Research Center.

There are currently 52 teachers, including 13 professors, associate professors and 22 people, with post-doctoral, doctorate and serving were 23 doctoral, 19 master’s degree. Existing students 1547 people, including more than 116 648 full-time undergraduate students, more than 460 undergraduate correspondence, 223 full-time master’s doctoral students, postgraduate courses students. Students from more than 10 countries and regions as well as mainland municipalities, and regions of the world.

College has a MA in Economic Law, Civil and Commercial Law Master, constitutional and administrative law point Master, International Master and has become a Master of Laws degree in training units.

MA in Economic Law has a business company law, market regulation law, financial law, commercial law, foreign law, international economic law research; civil and commercial property and creditor has MA in Law, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Governance and Corporate Law, E-Commerce Law, Civil and Commercial Law and other comparative research.

JNU School of Law faculty is strong, the overall level of high academic echelon. College to teaching and research center, in order to improve the quality of teaching is fundamental, attaches great importance to academic research, to strengthen academic exchanges. In academic research, keep track of the frontier, pioneering new areas of research, research highlights. Academic exchanges with universities and research institutions at home and abroad to establish a wide range of exchanges and cooperation, a group of teachers has been to Europe and visit the famous university studies, PhD, at home and hired a number of well-known experts and scholars as part-time professors, visiting professor. College actively promote the teaching reform and innovation, to move closer to international norms in terms of teaching curriculum, teaching methods, materials and construction, to meet the needs of domestic and international development, the implementation of “wide caliber, thick foundation, strong capacity" training model, efforts develop a good overall quality, innovation and strong talents. In Guangdong outstanding graduate students for Guangdong provincial awards such as the number of roll student more and more domestic and foreign graduate students admitted. Bachelor Master PhD graduates at all levels generally welcomed and praised the community, some of the graduates at home and abroad have made outstanding achievements.

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