Introduction to Intellectual Property Institute of Jinan University in Guangzhou

Introduction to Intellectual Property Institute of Jinan University

Jinan University is a country run by the founder of China’s first overseas universities, is China’s first universities to recruit foreign students, foreign students are currently the largest universities nationwide, the national “211 Project" key comprehensive university directly under the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office .

Jinan University in intellectual property Sept. 11, 2004, was established eighteenth Jinan University established professional schools. Guangdong Province, which is the first set of teaching and research as one of the intellectual property rights College, also in southern China’s first intellectual property institute.

Known as the “Chinese top universities," said Jinan University, actively implement the “face overseas, facing Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan," the school policy, hoping to train more practitioners in the international scope of intellectual property professionals the ability to intellectual property through college to deal with China’s accession to WTO intellectual property expertise scarcity shortage situation, to meet the growing national demand for intellectual property professionals.

The predecessor of Jinan University School of intellectual property is intellectual property research center of Jinan University. Intellectual Property Rights Research Center of Jinan University was founded in March 2003. Since its establishment, the center has undertaken a number of major research projects, made ​​significant achievements in scientific research, and in October 2003 with the Chinese Social Sciences co-sponsored magazine held a “National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Theory", invited well-known more than 30 experts and jurists in the field of intellectual property rights to be in the national legal circles had a certain impact. Intellectual property research in the establishment of Jinan University, Jinan University School of intellectual property foundation.

College of Jinan University, under the intellectual property rights of intellectual property and the intellectual property system research center, forming the center line one, the unity of teaching and research institutions. Intellectual property rights, Jinan University, Jinan University School of Law and co-located, shared resources and shared law faculty. Existing intellectual property specialist teaching and research staff of 10 people, nearly 40 other law teachers, of whom eight law professors, associate professors and 27, which holds a doctorate of law professors, associate professors and 33. Intellectual property rights, Jinan University teachers have ample reserves.

In 2005, the school became one of the first batch of the Ministry of Education in the intellectual property rights of two pilot undergraduate school. Intellectual property law is a cross-disciplinary field of professional and management disciplines. Intellectual property professionals to set up two majors, degree-granting or management degree in law, according to the different professional direction, design training programs and teaching programs. 2004 recruit professional intellectual direction of the Civil and Commercial Law graduate 7, 2005 Fall intellectual property enrolled undergraduate students at home and abroad for 15 people, 25 people in 2006 to recruit students, 23 undergraduates who enrolled in 2007, the pilot results good. College expectations in terms of intellectual property expertise and intellectual property management personnel training intellectual property law, intellectual property professionals in training with the specifications and features of personnel expertise.

“Let the wisdom of the Star Spangled, Huo Liaoyuan help of genius." Jinan University uphold intellectual property intellectual property rights encourage innovation purposes, let wisdom Star Spangled students in each body, to help start a prairie fire of genius in every professional field to train a large number of industries, innovative talents in various fields, for the nation prosperity and technological innovation and make due contributions.

Both “people do their ‘only’", but also “people do their ‘wealth’" is a system of ideas and values ​​of intellectual property law, but also the pursuit of ideas and values ​​of Jinan University personnel training aspects of intellectual property rights.

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