About Guangzhou Jinan University School of Economics

About Jinan University School of Economics

First. History
Late Jinan, there Commerce. In 1918, the school in Nanjing, Jinan (then known as Jinan schools) should require overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, the creation of Commerce. “Shuonan cum, sound education finished in the world", business suit overseas students because many students need more attention due to the combination of theory and practical, with rigorous teaching style and the style of study, a unique “Jinan characteristics", Art Institute of Chicago . Ma Yin-chu, Wang Yanan other well-known economist has taught at Jinan. In 1958, Jinan University in Guangzhou, reconstruction, namely to restore the establishment of the Department of Economics (School of Economics predecessor), a collection of Cai Fu-sheng, Zhaoyuan Hao, Huang Dehong, Zhang Yuan Yuan and a number of prestigious and impact of experts and scholars, became the city of South China economic research.
In 1978, the Office of Jinan University complex. In 1980, the founder of the School of Economics, becoming one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the School of Economics, the first dean of Professor Cai Fusheng. 20 years, along with China’s reform and opening up, relying on the geographical advantages and the advantages of overseas Chinese schools, focus on mission “for overseas, facing Hong Kong and Macao", and Jinan University School of Economics, has achieved rapid development. Currently, the School of Economics has become wide range of disciplines, strong teachers, high school quality, extensive academic exchanges, highlighting the effectiveness of social services, modernization and international integration advantages increasingly apparent, leading in southern China, at home and abroad with a large the influence of a college and high visibility, the overall level of economic subjects reached advanced domestic level, and renowned Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Second, the full range of disciplines
Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, economic institute disciplinary construction and continuously made new progress, forming a rich range of disciplinary system. 1981 political economics to get the first batch of master’s degree, a Ph.D. in industrial economics in 1986 granted the right to lay a solid foundation for the development of our school economics disciplines. Since the 1990s, especially with the advance of the “211 Project" key discipline construction projects, the college on discipline construction has achieved fruitful results, discipline influence significantly enhanced the overall level of economic subjects reached advanced domestic level. In 2004, the level of discipline in applied economics assessment organized by the Ministry of Education, the hospital ranked first in the country 12.
School of Economics and southern China currently has only applied economics doctorate-granting disciplines, under the 11 second doctoral program; has applied economics postdoctoral; holds a doctorate in political economics theory of economics right to grant two disciplines ; Master covers all economic theory and application of economic discipline.
School of Economics and Management of Industrial Economics build national key disciplines; finance as a national key disciplines; Financial Research Institute of Guangdong University Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base. Finance, statistics, international economic and trade three undergraduate programs by the Guangdong Provincial famous professional. “Money and Banking", “statistical theory" by the Guangdong Provincial Higher provincial quality courses. “Marxist political economy" was named the Ideological and Political Theory Course in Guangdong Colleges constitution building.

Third, strong teachers
In recent years, the College by attracting overseas PhD, to introduce Dr. professors and other senior talents, serving teachers and PhD studies abroad to visit a variety of ways, such as, the formation of a strong, reasonable structure, vibrant and innovative spirit, Prof. Dr.-oriented young academic talent.
The current leadership of the School of Economics: Dean: Professor Zhang Jie (PhD supervisor), party secretary and vice president: Professor Du Jinmin (doctoral tutor), Vice-President: Professor Zheng Shaozhi, Party Secretary: Dr. Zhang Zhi, Assistant to the President: Li Guangming Assoc. The hospital has a staff of 165 people, including teaching and research staff of 128 people. Teaching and research staff of 34 professors, associate professors and 57; doctoral tutor of 40 people (including 16 outside the hospital Ph.D.), Master Instructor 58 people (including people outside the hospital Shuodao 11); teachers with doctorates accounted for 55.56%; has 8 teachers or southern Guangdong was named national outstanding teachers, three young teachers to get the Ministry of Education Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation teaching Award, a school teacher appointed Distinguished Professor of Guangdong Province, 18 teachers selected “Qianbaishi talent Project" training objects, including a national one, three provincial, university 14, as well as a provincial propaganda department “Ten Facing Project" provincial culture objects.

Fourth, improve the training system
Higher academic achievement level of economic disciplines, strong teachers, high-grade and effectively support the training of high-level personnel. College adhere to improve the teaching quality as the fundamental, actively promote the teaching reform and innovation in the professional setting, teaching methods and content, materials and construction efforts at home and abroad need to adapt to constantly teaching closer to international norms, and gradually formed the basis of the undergraduate to focus on postgraduate training system.
Since its founding, training more than 30,000 graduates, distributed in dozens of countries and regions. Currently undergraduates 1532 people (1021 people born abroad), 808 graduate students (137 students abroad), 254 doctoral students (57 students abroad).

Five high-level academic research
In recent years, scientific research institute to achieve a major breakthrough, high-level academic achievement with symbolic display of the remarkable growth. The past five years, the college teachers undertake various research projects 146, of which 14 National Natural Science Foundation and the Social Science Fund project, the Ministry of Education, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, philosophy and social planning projects, Guangdong Province, a major decision to consult tender and other provinces more than 70 ministerial-level project. 496 published papers, including six papers published in foreign countries, were included SCI, EI, SSCI 5 papers, journal articles 46 domestic authority, CSSCI paper 299. A total of 20 published monographs, published “Industrial Economics and Financial Economics Series" and “SME Research series of books."
Award-winning research has made a major breakthrough. Won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation 1, National College of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Award for an outstanding achievement, outstanding achievements of the National Institute of Statistical Sciences Research Award 3, the National Bureau of Statistics of outstanding teaching award 1. Guangdong Province Outstanding Achievement Award of philosophy and social sciences 21. Social Sciences Award for outstanding achievements in Macau 2. Ann International Trade Research Award for an outstanding achievement.

Sixth, extensive academic exchanges
College by “going out" and “Please come" approach, carried out a comprehensive, multi-level academic exchanges. College of extensive academic exchanges and friendly contacts with overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions universities and research institutions, teachers selected each year to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, dozens of countries and regions visit, study, lecture, Professor of Education and to participate in international academic conferences, invited the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, Poland, Singapore and other countries, experts visits, lectures, colleges or universities with overseas more than academic groups interact signed agreements to establish a friendly relations or technology, academic exchanges and cooperative relations.
In recent years, hosted the first International Symposium on Economic and Social Statistics, “CEPA and the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Development Strategy Senior Seminar," “cross-strait industrial economic structure Globalization Cooperation Workshop" high-level academic conference. Went to more than 50 overseas trips academic exchanges. Invited famous American economist, well-known experts and scholars to give lectures and other Nobel Prize winners Myron S.Scholes exchange more than 50 games. School participation in international cooperation projects 12, and Hyogo University Faculty of Human Environment, Japan, Ritsumeikan University, Department of Economics, School of international cooperation was signed exchange agreements, reached a consensus with the Hyogo cooperation and exchange of Economics State University.

Seven fruitful social services
With the rapid development of disciplines, capacity for economic and social development of the School of Economics significantly enhanced services, a number of issues, as the results are all levels of government in economic and social decision making.
Guangdong Province, a major decision to consult the tender subject of “accelerating the economic development of Guangdong and mixed ownership shareholding economic research" and “to promote the economic development of Guangdong on the level of private research", the Guangdong provincial government commissioned the project “CEPA: Guangdong Economic Opportunities and Challenges", Guangdong Province, a major “Establishment of Hong Kong and Macao closer Economic Partnership and the Guangdong countermeasures" decision to consult the tender subject, Guangdong Social Sciences commissioned project “scientific concept of development and modernization in Guangdong study Series – Guangdong private economic Development", the Guangdong provincial government commissioned the project “dollar Guangdong’s economic impact analysis on the decline, “the Guangdong Provincial Labor and Social Security Department of a major research project" Guangdong minimum wage research “, has been highly praised the provincial government and relevant departments of the provincial government’s decision to provide a scientific basis.
In addition, the Guangzhou municipal government has also undertaken dozens of research projects; 2 Shaoguan City, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan" project, to be fully affirmed and highly appraised Shaoguan municipal government; establishment and Dongguan, Foshan, Qingyuan City, Kaiping City, etc. a close working relationship.

Eight modern teaching and research conditions
Institute for teaching and research provides a good hardware environment and conditions. Built-art laboratories and economic disciplines the library of integrated, advanced network platform. Economic Science Laboratory, in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, in accordance with the principle of shared resources for teachers and students to use. Among them, the main classroom for teaching use, and provide analytical tools and databases for the research; computer room is mainly used for the literature search, print, and information exchange. Establishment of a number of information-rich databases, such as “China’s SMEs development and support system database sample survey", “SME Finance Survey database", “private enterprises in Guangdong Province, the survey database", “SME case base “; possession of Finance and the library of more than 150,000 volumes and foreign books, 650 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, which accounted for 20% of foreign periodicals.
New century, new atmosphere. In the “95″, “fifteen" two “211 Project" key discipline construction project on the basis of the excellent results achieved, School of Economics, has entered a critical period of the “Eleventh Five-Year" construction. Relying on national key disciplines of Industrial Economics and Finance of Guangdong Province key disciplines to applied economics doctoral level construction and theoretical economics doctoral level reporting center, and strive in the “Eleventh Five-Year", so my school of economic the overall level of discipline to reach the domestic advanced level, and has a certain reputation in foreign countries; has a reasonable structure, great potential for development, teaching and research personnel at home and abroad have a certain influence; made ​​a number of influential at home and abroad force in scientific research.
In the “Eleventh Five-Year" the first occasion, the School of Economics staff and students unite, sincere cooperation and positive efforts toward the goal of college was founded towards innovative research, to promote the spirit of Jinan, building a first-class college, my school as early as possible, “Overseas Chinese School + elite “development strategy and work hard.

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