Southern Medical University prospectuses

Southern Medical Institute] [masters and PhD

(Rank all of China No.9)
Strait ECFA signed Taiwanese identity owned open all five provinces and regions in China
Recruit: Taiwan medical related fields, Taiwanese doctors (dentists), the Philippines and Poland and other foreign dental health education
Class methods: 1 month focus on school, each about three days every six months to complete the 2-3 course of about eight courses
Venue: Shenzhen, do not affect Taiwan’s present job
Guarantee admission, full assistance, arrange medical communication, understanding of local health profiles, professional advisers to assist the local opening
China is accelerating the reform of the health care market, be sure to grasp the priority card, to their life planning multiple choice!
Taiwanese identity to apply for investment in China, the next big winner!

The South HKUST Medical School


School Profile
Southern Medical University, formerly known as the First Military Medical University, created in October 1951, was identified in 1978 as the first national key university. In August 2004, according to the State Council, the Central Military Commission decided to transfer the whole school in Guangdong Province, Southern Medical University was renamed. The school is located in the economically developed historical and cultural city of Guangzhou, the campus trees, flowers, Guangdong Province, a garden-style institutions.
School discipline covering medicine, engineering, science, law, management science, literature, education, economics eight areas, under the basic medicine, clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, Chinese medicine, public health and other 16 two colleges and 6 affiliated hospitals. Has six doctoral-level disciplines, 53 doctoral disciplines, 65 master’s degree disciplines. With doctoral or master’s degrees, three bachelor degrees awarded.
The school has a large number of national key disciplines, State Administration of Traditional key disciplines, national clinical pharmacology base, the national medicine pharmacology base, formed mainly medical, engineering, medical combined, integrative medicine, tropical medicine, bio-tech as the representatives of the advantages of discipline group. Existing full from all 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of more than 15,000 students in the school, students, more than 500 people, including full-time doctoral and master more than 3,400 people, Dr. job, graduate more than 1,000 people, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, more than 100 people.
Strong school teacher, has a large number of influential international and domestic well-known scholars, experts, existing Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering 3, the national “973″ project chief scientist of 3, 329 doctoral tutor, master tutor 843 , is an associate professor and other senior staff of more than 1100, enjoy special government allowances of more than 200 staff, national degree Evaluation Group 2, the national young and middle four professors army major contribution award, Cheung Kong Scholars and National backbone teachers 9, 54 people have been outstanding scientific and technological workers, outstanding teachers nationwide honor.
Supporting improved school infrastructure, the total assets of more than 4 billion yuan, has a good teaching environment of information technology, advanced living facilities, graduate apartments installed with air-conditioning, hot water systems, drinking water system, telephone, Internet, TV tee.
The school has Nanfang Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital six affiliated hospitals, Nanfang Hospital Huiqiao floor which is the start of the earliest and largest, most foreign patients admitted foreign medical institutions, and was a “model of medical Huiqiao Division" honor conferred by the Central Military Commission title. Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People’s Liberation Army Dental Hospital and Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing General Hospital of the military are directly under my school non-clinical Medicine; otherwise nearly as large scale, good quality non-affiliated teaching hospitals and teaching base clinical teaching practice and employment resources are very abundant.
Schools extensive frequent foreign exchanges, has hired more than 100 well-known experts and scholars as Professor Emeritus my school, established with universities or research institutions United States, Britain, Japan, France, Australia and Hong Kong more than 30 countries and regions, a solid academic exchanges and research cooperation links, ranking second in the number of students in Guangdong colleges. Teacher visits with foreign universities, student exchange activities of transnational education is steadily expanded, as the majority of students in further education provides a very convenient conditions.
School students nationwide, the majority of aspiring to join the medical cause of candidates registered for my school.

Academic and enrollment targets
Master’s degree

Full-time: above all medical college undergraduate or graduate degree Stomatology.
Part-time: (Taiwan and Hong Kong students special classes)
Clinical: Above all medically relevant department or medical college graduate degree.
Clinical Oral: Oral above all related departments or oral medicine undergraduate degree graduates.

Full-time: above all medical master’s or master’s degree graduates Oral Medicine degree.
Part-time: (Taiwan and Hong Kong students special classes)
Clinical: Master above all graduates of medical education.
Clinical Oral: Oral above all graduates master’s degree.

Enrollment, examination and enrollment time

Admission Time: Deadline for the end of March each year.
Exam time: Every year in June.
Admission time: Every year in September.
Master Admissions Professional (doctoral and master the same)



       專業名稱  專業代碼        專業名稱
100105 法醫學 100106 放射醫學
071007 遺傳學 071009 細胞生物學
100201 內科學(心血管病、血液病、呼吸系病、消化系病、傳染病、


100202 兒科學 100203 老年醫學
100204 神經病學 100207 影像醫學與核醫學
100208 臨床檢驗診斷醫學 100211 婦產科學
100212 眼科學 100213 耳鼻咽喉科學
100214 腫瘤學 100215 康復學與理療學
100210 外科學(普外、骨外、泌尿外、胸心外、神外、整形、燒傷)
100217 麻醉學 100302 口腔臨床醫學
100401 流行病與衛生統計學 100402 勞動衛生與環境衛生學
100505 中醫診斷學 100512 針灸診斷學
100602 中西醫結合臨床(專業學位) 105118 中醫內科學(專業學位)
105119 中醫外科學(專業學位) 105120 中醫骨傷科學(專業學位)
100121 中醫婦科學(專業學位) 100122 中醫兒科學(專業學位)
100123 中醫五官科學(專業學位) 100124 針灸推拿學(專業學位)
105101 內科學(專業學位) 105102 兒科學(專業學位)
105103 老年醫學(專業學位) 105104 神經病學(專業學位)
105105 精神病與精神衛生學


105106 皮膚病與性病學


105107 影像醫學與核醫學


105108 臨床檢驗診斷醫學


105109 外科學(專業學位) 105110 婦產科學(專業學位)
105111 眼科學(專業學位) 105112 耳鼻咽喉科學(專業學位)
105113 腫瘤學(專業學位) 105116 麻醉學(專業學位)
105117 急診醫學(專業學位) 105120 口腔臨床醫學(專業學位)

1 Dr. job training classes school enrollment appointment in 2012.
2 held outside the Philippines and Poland, dental health education, graduation certificate and a full transcript of the local Chinese embassy subject to certification,
Then complete the delivery to China Overseas Education Center of the eligibility of applicants before checking eligibility.

Registration fee: 500 yuan
Full-time Masters: 9000 yuan (per year)
Part-time Masters: 35,000 yuan (per year) (Hong Kong, Taiwan special classes)
Dr. Full-time: 13,000 yuan (per year)
Dr. Part-time: 40,000 yuan (per year) (Hong Kong, Taiwan special classes)

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