About Us


  • Industry for nearly 15 years studying medicine, dental OHCHR authority.
  • Local studying full assistance – provide local pick-up, accommodation, bank account, school registration and other services.
  • Local physicians provide test licenses and employment information.
  • Help develop local contacts and clinics opening handle.
  • Oral provide local training personnel training base.
  • Help Taiwan medical equipment manufacturers to enter the Chinese market.

Hello everyone, my name is TONI, I want to see the medical and dental profession predecessors website information on my brother’s name should be somewhat familiar, that’s right, I entered in March 2001 known as the business manager of the International Advisory Co., served during the business started from the early Filipino medical admissions to study abroad, so far at least help me recruit more than 500 students; 2004 began studying medicine in Poland has so far handled more than 400 students. To have such a result entirely by many parents and students long-term support and love, I thank you sincerely continue to give younger criticism and advice!

Due to changes in national medical student revolt noise and accelerate physician method factors, together after all these years, I personally repeatedly to enter the mainland China, overview and insight to observe China’s medical market and the two sides signed ECFA Taiwan residents to enter the Chinese mainland open medical market owned and no financial constraints, let me be more confident, from now on, to create another milestone alone, I’ll serve better and more confident, but also look forward to bringing more and more students, so the majority of medical care in China market opportunities roots development, and create their own one day!

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