Apply for Chinese schools
(To ensure compliance with the mainland official to obtain a degree qualification USMLE)

1 Guangzhou Jinan University (undergraduate, master Dr.)
Undergraduate: Department of Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, grammar providers and the arts department managers work
Fresh graduates high school test scores Taiwan-based learning; college or university graduates in science She’s studying or Medicine continental transfer application can be.
Master, PhD (full-time, part-time): clinical medicine, clinical oral medicine, business administration, law
University Medical related fields can apply for the Master of Clinical Science.

2 Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Bachelor, Master PhD)
Undergraduate: Department of Medicine, Department of Science and Technology
High school graduates are required to attend the forthcoming Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan JUPAS; university graduates in the school or university departments studying ways to transfer.
Master, PhD (full-time): University graduates can apply to any department.

3 Southern Medical University (Master, PhD)

4 Guangdong Medical College


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